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Our factory

The facilities where Spanish surgical masks made in Andalusia are born

The Daysan® factory is equipped with the latest production technology that is based on the re-circulation of super filtered air, which guarantees an atmospheric space of controlled pressure and contamination.

1. Manufacturing

The production of Daysan® masks is carried out in a special chamber called the White Room * where the three textile materials that make up the triple layer of protection of the mask are joined mechanically and without human intervention. The responsible technicians ensure full compliance with the regulatory protocol.

2. The White Room *

The Clean Room is an environment whose peculiar characteristic is the presence of very pure air inside, which supposes a low concentration of micro-particles of dust in suspension. The Daysan® Clean Room is ISO7 certified according to ISO14644-1.

Internationally, the clean room is called by the English term "cleanroom", which indicates that it is a space with controlled atmospheric pressure and particle pollution.

The operation of a Clean Room is essentially based on the principle of forced re-circulation of super filtered air in a closed room. The system that provides this consists of large fans that operate at low speed, which introduce into the room through the ceiling a laminar flow of air previously filtered through powerful HEPA filters positioned outside the room, and sucked in through grilles. placed on the ground.

The purity of the air in these rooms is much higher than in an operating room, therefore the people who work there must wear gowns, shoe covers, hats and masks. Access to the Clean Room is allowed exclusively to specialized technicians.

3. Packaging

Also the Flowpack packaging machine, which plays another notable role in the Daysan® post-production process, takes place in the Clean Room *. The elaboration of each pack of masks follows an extremely closed route, in which the purity of the air and the control of contamination prevail.

This packaging machine is fed with a reel of plastic film, which first folds and seals the masks and then cuts and heat-seals to form a closed package. The total absence of human contact in this process ensures the highest quality standards for our products.

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Where we are

41927 - Calle Comercio, 39

Mairena del Aljarafe,

Sevilla Spain

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